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About Us

Welcome to Active Options, a place where you can conveniently check your class schedule, find answers to your questions about the classes, view upcoming workshops and link to our Store where you can purchase health and fitness products from body rolling balls, to CDs, DVDs and Exercise Clips.

I also have the great privilege of partnering with Balanced Motion Pilates & Yoga. The spacious and welcoming studio is located in Heritage Place at 214 Whitewood Avenue in New Liskeard. Their website (with links to their facebook page and Blog) can be found at For all of my upcoming workshops, guest presenter workshops and workshops delivered with Lisa or Sherry at Balanced Motion, please visit the Balanced Motion Website.

I hope you find that these sites meet your needs as a current or potential client of Active Options or Balanced Motion. These sites were developed for you so please feel free to contact us with any comments or suggestions.

Yours in Good Health,

Visit Balanced Motion Studio here

Active Options specializes in Pilates, Yoga, Integrated Movement Therapy and Strength Training Classes. Classes are offered from the beginner level through to intermediate/advanced. Each class offers a “whole body experience” through movement.


The Pilates Method is a full-body conditioning program that develops deep abdominal and back strength (core strength), together with increased flexibility and ease of movement. Each exercise is carefully structured to strengthen and stretch complementary muscle groups encouraging the development of long and lean muscles and increasing the awareness of the breath during movement.

Pilates at Active Options

The classical techniques of yoga date back more than 5000 years. The word yoga means, “to join or yoke together” as it helps to join the mind and body. The whole system of yoga is built on three main structures: asanas ( yoga postures), the breath ( Pranayama) and meditation. The physical postures and breathing exercises prepare the body for meditation. There are more than a hundred different schools of Yoga, all with a different focus. The most popular practised in the west is Hatha Yoga.

Yoga at Active Options in New Liskeard

Integrated Movement Therapies

Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT) is a unique form of exercise that combines aspects of many different types of activities, such as yoga, dance and tai chi. Its focus on function is one of the aspects of IMT that makes it a unique form of exercise. Whereas traditional stretching exercises may focus on isolating one particular muscle, IMT movements involve the whole body and the breath. The exercises encourage us to release and let go of muscular tension and stress

Yoga at Active Options in New Liskeard


The benefit of all of these exercises is stronger and longer muscles, improved balance and posture and awareness of the breath. At the end of a class you may feel like your shoulders have dropped (relaxed away) from your ears and you may feel a sense of length in your spine. My hope is that the time that you spend in class benefits you in your every day life. Whether you are lifting your children or grandchildren, doing housework or gardening, golfing or throwing a ball, you will be able to do these movements more efficiently, with less chance of injury and ultimately with more enjoyment.

Mission Statement:

We are dedicated to designing classes and programs that meet the goals of the participant and encourage a holistic and lifelong commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


Lorrie Mickelson is a certified Personal Trainer through the Ontario Fitness Council and the Canadian Personal Trainer’s Network ( She is also a Certified Pilates Instructor ( Mat) and a Certified Integrated Movement Therapies Instructor through Second Wind Pilates Plus Studio in Mississauga ( Lorrie completed her 2 year ( 500 hour + ) yoga certification at the Esther Myer’s Yoga Studio in Toronto (

Lorrie also holds a Master’s Degree in Sport Sociology and a Degree in Physical and Health Education from Queen’s University.

With over 25 years of experience in health and fitness , Lorrie is pleased to have an opportunity to share her expertise with you.

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Contact Lorrie at:

Active Options
213 Whitewood Avenue, Unit A4.
P.O.Box 2780
New Liskeard, ON, P0J 1P0.
Phone: 705-647-2848 or
E-mail at

Classes are taught at both the New Liskeard Waterfront Pool Fitness Centre and at the Balanced Motion Pilates and Yoga Studio .

active options Waterfront Pool Fitness Center

Contact Us:

Phone: (705) 647-2848
Address: 213 Whitewood Avenue, Unit A4.,
P.O.Box 2780, New Liskeard, ON, P0J 1P0.

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